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Scholars are needed to attend the classes as per listed timings. Still, absence will be permitted only in case of sickness or donation of an operation from the guardian. Repeated and unauthorized absence will be seriously dealt with and gross indiscipline won’t be permitted.


Admission Procedure

Admissions are generally taken from Toddlers to VIII standard. A enrollment form has to be filled in by the parents intending to admit their ward in a particular class. The Registration Form is available from Monday to Friday between9.00 am to2.00 pm. After enrollment, interactive sessions will be conducted by the academy authorities taken for class I overhead both for the pupil and the parents. Admission tests will be followed by viva- voice. The written test will be in English Language, Mathematics and Second languages.



The academy authorities prompt all to maintain a polite and disciplined geste. Scholars are to follow and exercise general good mores like opening doors for grown-ups, chatting seniors, maintaining silence in class apartments and all rates befitting a pupil.



Parents or callers should gain gate passes from the security office before entering the lot with evidence of their identity. Scholars aren’t allowed to leave the demesne once they’re inside the academy. Under exceptional circumstances, parents may take the scholars home with the authorization of the Star, Director, Vice Star or Junior SchoolHead.However, the identification of the person should be duly established, If any person is authorized by the parents to pick up a pupil.



Moving beyond the designated boundary of the academy is banned. Scholars wishing to leave the academy lot during academy hours have to gain written authorization from the Educational Director, Star, Vice Star and Junior School Head.

General Rules and Regulations

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