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Early Years School

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Early Years School

This level is also called KG or kindergarten in India. There are a number of Montessori schools and pre- schools dotted all over India. Although the importance of pre- primary education was not given that much attention, now it is considered crucial before formal education is provided. Pre- primary education in India is encouraged by the government with the help of the Anganwadi scheme but in cities, there are a number of pre-schools that offer this education. These schools are also called play-schools as children learn a lot by playing and interacting with each other. They include a lot of toys, swing sets, and colorful learning aids to help children get acclimated with the future school curriculum. It is also a great exercise for children to become social by interacting with other children. The pre-primary classes are divided into two sets- Junior KG for children of 3-4 years of age and Senior Kg for up to 5 years of age. Children at this stage learn the fundamental concepts of shapes, numbers, colours, animals, plants etc that helps ease the transition to formal schooling.

You will then be required to submit documents that include:

Admission Criteria

Xavier’s Model Secondary School is an inclusive school and welcomes parents and students from a wide range of socio-cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. The main criteria for admissions are the student’s ability to access the curriculum and extracurricular activities that are offered.

Early Years

The early years encompass Nursery, Jr KG and Sr KG. Admission to these entry point grades at MBIS is based on an interview with parents where we ascertain their understanding of our programmes and the child’s developmental milestones. Our counsellor and coordinator also observe the child during these interactions.
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