General Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should carry his/her school identity dairy and I-Card everyday to school.
  2. During the school hours, students must be present smartly dressed at all times clean uniform, well polished shoes and proper socks.
  3. Boy’s shirts are required to be tucked into the pants at all times.
  4. Hair should not be coloured, tinted or highlighted.
  5. Students are not permitted to wear ostentatious or expensive jewellery, watches, wristbands or similar accessories.
  6. Mobile telephones, IPods (MP3 players) walkman gadget are out of bounds for students in the school premises.
  7. Consumption of chewing gum, pan or pan masala or similar substance by students is completely banned.
  8. Student is strictly forbidden to write on the walls or any part of the school premises including toilets or furniture.
  9. Student should not use any sort of abusive language at any time, which may lead to expulsion from the school.
  10. Complete silence must be observed in the entire school during school hours.
  11. Running and playing inside the school building is not permitted.
  12. Student must treat all school property (the building, lab equments, furniture, fitting, book etc) with care and respect and report any damage to their class teacher. Students guilty of will ful damage will be punished and changed for any necessary repair replacements.
  13. Students are expected to participate in all school activities unless excused by the appropriate head on written request from the parent/Guardian.
  14. All students are required to attend the school on all working day. Students must attend all classes as per school time table and bring with them all relevant book.
  15. Students who are unable to attend school because of illness must bring a letter signed by their parent and show it to their class teacher on the day of their return to school. Parents are requested to attach a medical certificate from a doctor if the student is absence for more than 03 days.
  16. A pupil may not be allowed to sit in the session ending examination if he has not put in a minimum of 75% of the total attendance of the academic session.
  17. Birthdays are special occasions for the students and only candies, or toffees should be distributed on this occasion. parents are requested not to send any cakes or take home parents for students. On their birthday, students are free to wear clothes of their choice, subject to norms of modesty.
  18. lost of fund items are kept in the school back office. Any valuable item or cash found by student should be deposited at the front office. Students are advice to clearly write their name and class on all items brought to the school.
  19. parents ,guardians and students are encourage to check the school website at regular intervals for update.